Son of My Sister

Written by Nicolette Good. Copyright 2011.

Son of my sister said, “I won’t go.
Their land is far, and time takes hold,
And I am barely 18 years old.
Listen, I’m alright. Hear me, I’m alright.”

Worked his hands in cars all day,
And thought if he tried, it might stay that way,
But for his pride, there was Hell to pay.
He would hold on tight, he would hold on tight.

Life only blames those who stay the same.

Summers passed, his mother stole away,
Gave her heart to a man from the North country,
Held her home open to my daughters and me.
We were warm at night, we were warm at night.

Time only blames those who stay the same.

And in their rooms, they settled down,
Locked up the secrets that hung around,
And the trees danced shadows on the ground.
They were shades of white, they were shades of white,
They were.